Dance Studio


Dance Party Experiences

Are you looking for new ways for your team to interact, encourage creativity, improve morale, or just an alternative fun-filled day out of the office that’s highly entertaining? DANDELION has the answer!

No dance experience is required.

Christmas Party | Summer Party | Awards | Gala Dinners

Ice Breaker | Incentives | Away Days


Dandelion Experience

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From MJ to Beyonce; boybands to Broadway; dancing through the decades; and everything in between we have a DANDELION Experience to your team will love!

Min. 90 minute experience.

  • Tailored to your chosen dance theme

  • Warm-up and dance-based games

  • Learn a full routine with the chance to add your own choreography

  • The final routine can be filmed and/or performed at a later date

The Dance Off

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A firm favourite for larger teams or for teams split across office locations. Our DANDELION dance instructors will choreograph a routine with your teams, before teams come together to showcase their talent!

  • Half day experience (min. 3 hours)

  • Warm-up to get everyone moving

  • Learn some basic choreography in your chosen theme

  • Split into teams

  • Create your own choreography within a chosen theme

  • Perform the routines to each other in a dance off

  • Judging panel decides on a winner